Images of the Microsoft Surface Mini that was canceled

Windows Central has exclusively published the first images of the Microsoft Surface Mini, a tablet of small format with which Microsoft wanted to complete its catalog of mobile solutions but in the end, ended being canceled.

Microsoft Surface Mini

At the time we did not understand why the Redmond firm would have decided to cancel a product that in theory was practically finished and that could have been an interesting alternative to the standard Surface.

However, today we have finally found a reason why after reviewing the filtered images, see the specifications that the Microsoft Surface Mini was going to have and associate everything with the time in which it was to be released.

Microsoft Surface Mini

The first thing to keep in mind is that, the temporal plane. The Surface Mini was to hit the market in 2014 along with Surface Pro 3, a stage where small format tablets were already starting to show symptoms of exhaustion.

Now we must look at its specifications and design. As we can appreciate the tablet has a very simplistic finish and away from the quality that characterizes the standard Surface.

There is no trace of the magnesium casing and the whole reminds us of the economic tablets of Chinese manufacturers that flooded the market a few years ago.

If we all put the specifications (a SoC Snapdragon 800 with 1 GB of RAM) we will realize that in addition its performance was going to be quite weak and that it would also be based on Windows RT 8.1, an operating system that was doomed.

In short, Microsoft did not cancel the Surface Mini just because the market was down, but because it was not a truly competitive product, because it knew that it would not succeed and that could end up negatively affecting the image of Surface as a brand.

They say that a withdrawal on time is a victory, and in this case we are convinced that it was.

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