Intel can decrypt DNA with the help of mining

Intel can decrypt DNA with the help of mining

Intel Corporation reports that it recently received a patent for technology to use the facilities of mining equipment for the processing of genetic data. The authors of the idea Ned Smith and Rajesh Purnakhandran in the explanatory note describe the mining genome sequencing platform, which will determine the order of the nitrogen bases in DNA or RNA.

Intel can decrypt DNA with the help of mining

Nitrogen bases are compounds that are part of nucleic acids containing genetic information. The order of these molecules determines what characteristics a living being has, whether it be a person, an animal or a plant.

In the appendices to the patent, it is said that the genome sequencing platform will work by determining the sequences of nitrogenous bases in the nucleic acid, subsequently applying the obtained data in the Proof of Work algorithm for the extraction of blocks. After determining the genome, information about it will also be recorded in the chain of blocks.

The resources that are spent on the extraction of new blocks usually do not perform any other useful work, whereas Intel patent offers the miners to work in multitasking mode, simultaneously extracting blocks and sequencing genetic data.

The application was filed in June 2016. Now, recently on December 14, almost a year and a half later, the Office of Patents and Trademarks in the US has approved a patent.

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