Intel Compute Card mini-computers: Official Release Date, Specs and Price

At the Computex trade show, which is held these days in Taiwan, Intel company not only introduced HEDT-processors are the Intel Core i9 skylake-the X, but also announced the upcoming start of sales of the tiny PC Intel Compute Card, revealing the full list of partners and oriented on products that we expect. Some of them are presented at the exhibition, and it should be noted that they belong to completely different categories and markets. In other words, Intel Compute Card can be found in various segments.

Intel Compute Card

For example, Sharp used the development to create new advertising displays, while Seneca and Foxconn to create a mini-PCs and the LG sees the Intel Compute Card design that will turn the company into a one-piece PC monitors. In the future, the market may see a tablet and digital office boards on Intel Compute Card database. Earlier this year, Nexdock showed a concept unusual device with a touch screen and a slot for the Intel Compute Card. It’s all of us to the fact that on the basis of Intel Compute Card, you can create a variety of devices.

Intel Compute Card: Release Date

Intel promises to start deliveries Compute Card in August. A little strange that the most eminent manufacturers Intel’s list of partners, such as Lenovo, HP and Dell, are not yet ready to present their solutions on Intel Compute Card database. Intel guarantees that these companies are definitely will create something, but what kind of device it will be until we can only guess.

Intel Compute Card Computer is available in four versions (see table below), different processors, flash memory and Wireless connectivity.

Intel Compute Card

The company also announced the availability of a set of design for developers, which includes detailed instructions and reference design devices on Intel Compute Card. Waiting whether Intel Compute Card success, and we have a powerful mini-computer, time will tell.

For the first time Intel introduced Compute Card – x86-compatible personal computer with a credit card in size -on the exhibition CES 2017. The development is designed to accelerate the development of the Internet of things by increasing the number of “smart and connected devices.”

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