Intel Core i5 8550U performance test, four real cores and low power consumption

The source have released a performance test of the Intel Core i5 8550U, a low-power processor based on the Coffee Lake architecture and will feature four real cores and eight threads thanks to HyperThreading technology, running at a base speed of 1.8 GHz in normal mode, although in theory can reach 3.69 GHz thanks to the turbo mode.

Intel Core i5 8550U

Its TDP is only 15 watts, a very good figure since as we said above we speak of a solution with four cores real that clearly surpasses the previous generations of processors of low consumption that were limited to two cores and four threads. Its total L3 cache is according to said 8 MB source.

Taking a look at the performance tests we can make it clear that the results are very positive. The Intel Core i5 8550U seamlessly surpasses the Core i5 6300HQ , a processor based on the Skylake architecture that also has four real cores and as we tell you in this guide is the minimum recommended to enjoy current games optimally.

Intel has managed to move the performance of a processor as the Core i5 6300HQ to a processor with a consumption of just 15 watts, an achievement that will undoubtedly contribute to improve the performance of ultra-portable without making sacrifices at the level of autonomy.

Intel Core i5 8550U

All rumors and leaks suggest that the new low-power Core i5 will have four real cores, but we have been quite surprised by the reference to HyperThreading technology and the eight threads. It’s a bit strange, so we’ll have to wait for the official confirmation from Intel.

Regarding the Core i7 the latest information ensures that we will see low-power processors with six cores and twelve threads, so we can expect another important breakthrough.

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