Intel Core i9 7900X Performance Analysis

The Hexus guys have released a performance analysis of Intel Core i9 7900X, a processor that positions in the center of the new extreme range of the chip giant, based on the Skylake-X architecture and manufactured in 14 nm process.

Intel Core i9 7900X

Before seeing the results we remind you the complete specifications of the Intel Core i9 7900X:

  • 10 cores and 20 threads at 3.3 GHz-4 GHz with all active cores.
  • 75 MB of L3 cache.
  • 44 PCI-E lines.
  • Support of memory in quadruple channel up to 2.666 MHz.
  • 140W TDP.
  • Price: 999 dollars.

Thanks to the new Skylake-X architecture and the increased clock frequencies, the Core i9 7900X exceeds the Core i7 6950X, and it is also the most powerful solution of all that has been used in the comparative.

Its performance is very good and obviously has a much better value for money than the one, which came to market with a price of 1,750 dollars. However, we can see that in games does not make a major difference due to lack of optimization (not all cores are used) and gets below the Intel Core i7 7700K.

At the time of overclocking, Hexus confirms that it has received a chip quite capable and that have been able to reach the 4.7 GHz with a voltage of 1.25 volts. It is a good result, but warns that raising the voltage to 1.3 drifts in temperature peaks of more than 100 degrees and produces the dreaded “thermal throttling”, so it is not feasible to go further.

As well indicated in the final part of the article, the Intel Core i9 7900X is a very powerful solution and positions at a more reasonable level than the Core i7 6950X, but the RYZEN of AMD continue to shine in their own light for its value for money.

The conclusions have been consistent and have given recognition for its great performance.

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