Intel Core i9-7960X peers at GeekBench with 16 cores at 2.51 GHz

Intel Core i9-7960X processor has appeared in the well-known and controversial GeekBench benchmark, allowing us to see its most important specifications and know its base frequency of work.

Intel Core i9 18-core processors Intel Core i9-7960X

As we have advanced in the title the Intel Core i9 -7960X 16-core and 32-wire works at 2.51 GHz, a rather low figure that nevertheless allows you to get a score higher than the ThreadRipper of 16 cores and 32 threads in said proof.

It is strange for a very simple reason, and is that the AMD model operates at 3.4 GHz base frequency which leaves us a distance of almost 900 MHz per core. The differences at the IPC level between Skylake-X and ZEN are not big enough to cover that difference of MHz, so take the numbers a lot of caution since they do not fit us.

Clarified this we continue with the subject of the frequencies of work. The Intel Core i9-7960X is not the top processor of the LGA2066 platform, as we know that position is reserved for the Core i9-7980XE.

This processor will raise the total cores and threads to 18 and 36, a figure that makes us wonder how often that CPU could reach if finally Intel ends up launching the Intel Core i9-7960X at 2.51 GHz base speed.

We cannot give an answer with total certainty but following the logical order that we have seen applied until the moment we think that it should be between the 2.2 GHz and the 2.4 GHz.  We do not know the frequencies that will be able to reach thanks to the turbo mode maintaining all the Active nuclei.

In case anyone wonders why there is such a large frequency difference with other models as the Core i9-7900X (3.3 GHz) do not worry, we explain. The higher the number of cores, the higher the TDP and the working temperatures.

If you also maintain high speeds it is possible that both values ​​end up in dangerous levels. Since you cannot “trim” elsewhere usually you will reduce the working frequencies on processors that have a high core count, as long as it is necessary to maintain safe values.

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