Intel SSD 545s – New Affordable SSD-drive

Intel has unveiled a new Intel SSD 545s, which is the first commercial product based on the 64-layer flash TLC 3D NAND. The model supports SATA-interface and is positioned as a mid-range device for end-users.

Intel SSD 545s

Note that this drive is the successor to Intel SSD 540s last year’s model. At the time of the release of the Intel SSD I have not been willing to own flash memory 3D NAND, so developers had to use third-party components – 16 nm TLC-memory from SK Hynix and controller Silicon Motion SM2258.

Intel SSD 545s

The new model Intel SSD 545s komaniya installed a new version of the microcontroller Silicon Motion SM2259, however, in-house development has been used as memory chips – 64-layer flash memory TLC 3D NAND second generation.

The first version will be released to the market on the 512 GB with an estimated value of $ 179, but in the coming weeks is expected to yield different capacity models. As a result, a full line capacitance model will include from 128 to 2 GB TB formats 2.5 inches and M.2 NVMe.

Intel SSD 545s

It should be noted that the sources have managed to carry out the first tests of Intel SSD 540s drive that allow to evaluate its performance.

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