Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Another Master Pieces

In September 2015, Apple finally joined the war of phablets by launching Apple iPhone 7 Plus and no doubt, Apple is selling its new device like hot cakes. If we talk about Apple iPhone 6 Plus, its slim profile and sleek designed phablet style smartphone and it has mere thickness of 7.1mm. On one hand iPhone 7 Plus is trying to create a new market for apple and here comes the news that Apple is working on iPhone 7 Plus, the next generation 2015 iPhone.

iPhone 7 Plus

Just a month ago news was confirmed that Apple is going to remove the iPhone Mini from it’s Apple family however the big brother of the family, iPhone 7 Plus will surely come. If we talk about the screen size of upcoming iPhone 7 Plus then you can expect screen of retina resolution with 5.6 inches in measurement. In the market there is trend of something more but Apple has its own mind set, it wants to give something more by reaching the limits of small things instead of increasing them. In the market, now there is trend of 20MP camera sensor and Apple proved by providing 8MP camera in iPhone 6 that they can challenge the world by their quality and technology researched behind every single thing they implement in their phone.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are powered with A8 chip and yes next generation Apple chipset processor chip would be known as A9. And now you can combine the hint with the specifications of iPhone 7 Plus that you would see A9 chip. Moreover, if we talk about the design of iPhone 7 Plus, yes we would see the innovations in that too but question and concern rising, would it be slimmer to present generation iPhone. If yes, would there be bending issue as found in present generation. Well, these things are too early to decide & we have almost, more than 8 months with us to see and witness the official announcement and release of iPhone 7 Plus.

Well, this was a small introduction about the upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, stay tuned with us to approach all the updates of Apple iPhone 7, here only and don’t forget to subscribe.

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