iPhone 9: A Super-Smartphone With Smarter Features

Apple is going to move a step forward to its 9th generation of i Series with the possible launch of iPhone 9, the most awaited phablet of Apple. iPhone 9 are going to be the father of all Smartphone available in the market with much higher features and technology. Many special features and specifications are said to add in it and many things are improvised. If you follow the gossips about this future gadget of Apple, then it seems that American company is going to present the world a super-Smartphone with smarter facilities.

Nothing is sure till now, neither its features nor its release, but still this uncertain phablet is hitting the market strongly. Let’s take a look on some key features of iPhone 9 which wall make it most preferable in market.

It will raise the efficiency with advanced I Pen

The new and more specialised I Pen will make you keep moving and working with the work. Yes, with stylus I Pen, the work on phone has become easier and smooth. It will also offer a better handwriting facility and a well-arranged keyboard to speed up your typing skill. Keep Working. You can use the I Pen to smoothly steer the screen and features on iPhone 9.

Best Multitasking facility

iPhone 9 is said to offer best multitasking facility you ever had. With Multi Window this phablet will allow you to open two applications side by side more easily. It will give you the multi-tasking experience like never before.

More productive Power battery

With giant 8 GB RAM, iPhone 9 is going to offer faster processing than its previous release. Faster loading times and 8GB RAM will make nothing slowdown in iPhone 9.

Wireless charging

Do you have any experience of charging phone without wire? Apple is said to offer the facility of wireless charging anytime and anywhere with no needs of plug or wire.

iPhone 9

Battery Power

A strong and more durable battery is the key for any Smartphone. iPhone 9 is said to contain a 4500 mAh battery which will make your Smartphone experience lengthier. Its ultra-saving mode will offer a longer experience and allows you to save your battery in emergency situations.

Camera Features

A 30 MP rear and 16MP front camera with auto-focus, visual image stabilization facility and 4K Resolution are inserted in iPhone 9 to offer a 3D experience to its users.

Possible release

Apple iPhone 9 is going to be release on August or September of 2017, because iPhone 8 has just released and there is no chance to see a new gadget form Apple this year.

The features and specs and release of iPhone 9 that are described above are based on the gossips and reports of marketers. But from Apple Company, there is no official news about the features of iPhone 9. As there is a long time for its release, we can expect some more advanced features than the usual expectations from a Smartphone.

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