Is this the official launch date of the Apple iPhone 8?

Today, we have known the possible official date of the launch of the Apple iPhone 8. As usual, Apple chooses the month of September to make a multitudinous event with its latest news. This year will be more special, since it is the tenth anniversary of the company.

Apple iPhone 8

To celebrate the commemoration of this event, the boys of Cupertino have been working for months on a new mobile that will include surprising features and not seen so far, according to the rumors that are coming out.

The screen without frames, the 3D recognition sensor, and the possible disappearance of the TouchID button, the wireless load and a mirror color model are the main novelties that will include the Apple iPhone 8, as we have been able to see through supposedly filtered real photos and an alleged video.

Some characteristics that would be generating problems in the software of this terminal and that could make the terminal go on sale without these functions are operative.

As is usual every year, Apple’s presentation raises a lot of expectation because it will unveil the final appearance and release date of the iPhone 8. Last May Apple Insider published a supposed circular sent to the workers of the company of Cupertino Where it was said that the event of presentation of the possibly called iPhone X would take place between the 17 of September and the 4 of November. This document was shared on Twitter by the user @ VenyaGeskin1, not without raising some controversy for the truth of it.

In a new update of this information, Apple Insider based on internal sources not authorized by the company, ensures that the launch date of the Apple iPhone 8 will take place in the second half of September 2017. Specifically is shuffled on September 17 as the day on which the presentation takes place and that this terminal reaches the market in the following weeks.

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