Jailbreak your iPhone X- Made possible

Jailbreak your iPhone X: Made possible

Alibaba’s Pandora Labs security researchers claim they can jailbreak the iPhone X – even with the recently released update to iOS 11.2.1. That would be a real sensation because for some time there is no available jailbreak for the latest Apple devices or iOS versions.

Jailbreak your iPhone X- Made possible

Among other things, the news states that you could “escape” the latest iOS version. This means that the team could circumvent the limitations of Apple and has installed, among other things, the Cydia Store on the new iPhone X. “Although iOS 11.2 fixes some security issues, we were able to confirm on the day of the release that the new version still works with our jailbreak,” said Song Yang, director of Ali Secure Pandora Laboratories. A photo taken on Thursday shows how the researchers at Pandora Labs have successfully used undocumented iOS 11.2 loopholes.

For internal testing purposes only, not for end users, the vulnerability used by Pandora Labs has thus far not been addressed by Apple. Apple probably also does not know yet, with which trick the unlocking succeeded – and that should remain so for the time being. Because Pandora Labs does not intend to publish appropriate software for a freely available jailbreak.

Pandora labs is not alone

The cracking of iOS 11.2 was tackled at Pandora Labs for security research purposes only. Tools for end users are not planned.

Interestingly enough, security researchers are increasingly turning their attention to Apple’s iPhones. Google’s Zero project also knows that they are working on an iOS hack there.

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