Kingston DCU1000: An SSD that slashes 7 GB per second

Kingston Digital Inc. has announced the announcement of the Kingston DCU1000, an SSD storage solution with NVMe interface and U.2 form factor, which is emerging as the fastest in its range.

Kingston DCU1000

This is a storage unit that is aimed at the professional market and stands out for being able to achieve sequential read speeds of 6.8 GB per second. To give you an idea of ​​what this means, we remind you that SSD units with SATA III interface are around 550 MB / s and that even the most advanced solutions with an NVMe interface are around 3 GB / s.

This is possible thanks to its eight-channel controllers, which also allow you to record sequential write speeds of 6 GB per second.

In 4K random read and write the Kingston DCU1000 reaches 1.1 million IOPS and up to 200,000 IOPS respectively, although in the lower capacity models the performance is somewhat lower.

Kingston has confirmed that the DCU1000 will be available in three versions; One with 800 GB, one with 1.6 TB and another with 3.2 TB. They have not talked about prices, but considering the benefits they offer and the capabilities they have, it is clear that they are top-of-the-range solutions that will not be economical precisely.

In the PDF document published by Kingston you can see the specific specifications of each model, although there is no specific information on the type of NAND Flash memory that the company has used in the Kingston DCU1000.

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