Kingston SSDNow KC1000, M.2: Features

Kingston SSDNow KC1000 is Kingston’s new series of solid state drives. In M.2 form factor, it uses the PCI-Express 3.0 x4 interface to deliver high performance.

Kingston SSDNow KC1000

As you know, the M.2 using PCIe are the fastest units you’ll find in consumer storage, triggering their performance up to a theoretical maximum that goes up to five times that of solid state drives connected to SATA and for fifteen the one of the hard disks.

Although in its beginnings, its price was prohibitive for the great consumption, the distances in front of SATA are being reduced and by them pass the future of the storage in PC.

Kingston SSDNow KC1000 is one of those that will give war in an increasingly wide offer, Combine MLC NAND flash memory, a Phison PS5007-E7 controller and take advantage of the NVMe protocol.

Data transfer rate of Kingston SSDNow KC1000 rises to 2,700 / 1,600 Mbytes per second in sequential read / write modes and 290,000 / 190,000 IOPS in 4K random read / write.

Kingston will sell these units in a stand-alone M.2-2280 format and also as an additional card to punch directly into a PCI slot. Kingston SSDNow KC1000 are offered in capacities of 240 GB, 480 GB, and 960 Gbytes.  We do not yet have price for these units that will have a 5-year warranty.

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