Lenovo Folio 2017: A spectacular flexible tablet

The arrival of flexible phones or tablets is taking longer than expected over time, although it is known that companies like Samsung or LG already have enough technology to produce these devices globally.

Lenovo Folio 2017

If all eyes were on South Korean firms to start attacking a completely new mobile market, Lenovo has also entered the race with the introduction of its Lenovo Folio flexible tablet.

As part of Lenovo Tech World 2017 this weekend, the Chinese company has shown for the second consecutive year its new Lenovo Folio 2017, a tablet that can be folded and converted in a simple way into a phablet. At the moment it is only a prototype, but from the Chinese company is working hard not to be left behind in a market segment that could give them many benefits in the next 3-4 years.

This new Lenovo flexible tablet – Lenovo Folio 2017 bets, at first, on a 7.8-inch folding screen, which can be folded up to leave the main screen at 5.5 inches, like a current phablet. In addition, the screen has a resolution of 1440 x 1920 and comes with a processor snapdragon 800 and Android 7.0.

Obviously these specifications of Lenovo flexible tablet – Lenovo Folio 2017 are only for the prototype, and when this device is launched to the market will have the most normal characteristics of the year in which it leaves. We will see where this new market niche in which more and more actors are targeted.

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