LG announced LG G6+ and updated the firmware LG G6

LG Electronics has introduced a smartphone LG G6+, as well as expanded functionality of LG G6, adding streamlined interface and an updated security system. The list of new features of the smartphone include unlocking devaysa using the face recognition system and power saving mode and the timely notification of the camera lens overlap.

LG G6+

Face Recognition allows you to, you guessed it, unlock the smartphone, and simply lift it to face. Press any key when it is not required: the smartphone automatically checks the current image with a structure belonging to the device memory.

The power save function has been realized thanks to an improved architecture installed in LG G6 processor. It enhances the user experience with third-party applications, without overloading the battery and without links. Well, the warning function overlapped lens camera displays a special notification, which puts the user aware of the fact that there was some kind of disturbance, such as photographing a finger in the frame LG G6 wide-angle camera.

Among other things, the model number LG G6 enlarged copies of dark blue and dark golden color. The rear panel of the housing is covered with a special smart phones film, and a 5.7-inch receive thin black frame.

The above-described functions of the existing smart phones LG G6 already receive the next update firmware, and starting next month, all new LG G6 will get these features by default.

As for the new LG G6+, then it got 128 GB of internal memory, 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC and support wireless charging. Other technical characteristics of the smartphone, according to representatives of the LG, may vary depending on the spread in the region. It is known that standard headphones will smartphones B & O PLAY.

While the exact date of the firmware update LG G6 and receipts LG G6+ sale unknown. Soon, they will be announced separately in each country.

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