LG G4 Next Big Show to be packed with 8-Cores and 4K display

The market of smartphones is passing through a revolution where preposterous changes are coming to our smart hand devices. A smartphone is becoming more thinner and getting packed with blazing fast hardware to feature more security features, lightening speed gaming and Internet. In past three years, we have observed lots of amazing changes in the graphics and display of our smartphone. It started with normal graphic resolution to HD resolution then full HD resolution and now here comes the complete line up of 2K resolution devices and LG G3 is one of the example. In the beginning of 2014, one of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer brought 2K-resolution display revolution and major brands, as LG and Samsung were the first to have in their smart devices. LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are the live examples in the market. But now a question comes in all the technology lover brains’ that what would be the next generation display and resolution in the smartphone industry? Well, LG may have an answer with upcoming LG G4.

Since past three years, LG is pretty famous in high-end smartphones because of its one of its superior series of smartphones so called LG G. And this series includes lots of smartphones till date but major names since the beginning are LG Optimus G, LG G2 and LG G3. On other hand, LG G series is also famous in the market because Google Nexus series smartphones were also inspired by the same series. Google Nexus 5 is exact LG G2 as LG was the manufacturer of Nexus 5. Also, before the launch of Nexus 6 there were rumors that LG G3 would give birth to Nexus 6 but Motorola wins the race and now Motorola Nexus 6 has entered in the market. However, LG don’t need such races to be win because it has created its own space by bringing the new revolutionary hardware earlier to any other brand and same is expected from smartphone of 2015 the all new big show LG G4.

LG G4 release date

 LG G4

Evolution of LG G series is very interesting. Just within couple of years, LG managed to maintain itself as a high-end smartphone manufacturer. All LG fans are expecting really great from upcoming LG G4 smartphone.

  • LG Optimus G: Released in 2012, November
  • Optimus G Pro: Released in 2013, April
  • LG G2: Released in 2013, August
  • LG G3: Released in 2014, June
  • LG G4: Releasing April 2015?

Yes, there are rumors on the web that we might see LG G4 on the market shelves in the month of April. Possibly, LG is going to show the world’s finest technology smartphone LG G4 on Mobile World Congress 2015. But nothing is officially confirmed; let’s wait for some official leak, which would definitely give the hint regarding the LG G4 release date. Also, now there are few rumours of next generation to LG G4, i.e. LG G5 on the web.

LG G4 display going to be curved, flexible or 3D? – A myth!

LG G3 engineers managed to bring True HD-IPS LCD display to feature an amazing resolution 1440 x 2560 in a small pocket. And yes, there are no doubts that it is not amazing. In 2014, smartphone display level increased to 2K resolution and in coming months we would definitely see the 4K resolution in smartphone but it’s a question that which brand would be first to bring, will it be LG, Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Sony or any other Chinese brand.

There is an inside leak that in the technology mines of LG headquarters, engineers are testing the 4K display modules which would be soon implemented in the upcoming LG beast smartphone and tablets. And this hints towards the upcoming LG G4 Android smartphone. And yes if it is true then the rival manufactures has to work hard.


LG G4 Specifications and Features:

  • LG Nuclun CPU Octa-Core with 4(P+p) configuration or Octa-Core Qualcomm X Chip
  • 4GB RAM memory
  • 5 inches 4K resolution True-HD-IPS LCD display
  • 3200 mAh non removable battery
  • Finger print advanced sensor
  • microUSB v3.0

At present no one can claim if the above LG G4 specifications are true, but these are based on the present rumors and no doubt they seems to be very interesting and it would make LG G4 a star above all the smartphone of generation. On other hand competition would not be easy as there would be other rival smartphones such as HTC One M9, Xperia Z4 and Galaxy S6.

Also, it is worth mentioning that LG G4 might be the first LG smartphone to carry LG manufactured chip so called LG Nuclun CPU with 4(P+p) configuration which is similar to Samsung Exynos BIG.little Octa-core chip. So, cross your fingers we would see an interesting LG G4 processor chip and memory configuration.

The Completion:

LG G4 would be one of the most high-end devices of LG for the 2015. And LG engineers would try to bring all the surprises they can pack in a beautiful thin metal curves. The rumors and speculations exists on the web are very interesting but still the date of release of LG G4 is really far from now. But we would keep you updated with all upcoming news of LG G4. You just need to keep an eye here. Also, you can subscribe to us; so that you can take follow up of all latest updates of LG G4 right into your email box. Also, don’t forget to like us Facebook, G+ and twitter.


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