LG G7 will debut with an advanced iris scanner

LG G7 will debut with an advanced iris scanner: All updates

Along with the Galaxy S9, the LG G7 is one of the most promising top-of-the-range smartphones that will hit the market next year, although we still do not have many details about the flagship due to the leaks that have been so far.

The latest information, we had occasion to see indicated that the LG G7 could be announced at the 2018 CES and that its launch would occur in February of that year, a date that represents an advance of about one month with respect to the LG G6 that It reached the market in March of 2017.

LG G7 will debut with an advanced iris scanner

Although these rumors are not meaningless the truth is that such a long debut could be problematic for LG, especially regarding the supply of SoC Snapdragon 845. We do not believe that the Korean firm will repeat the error of the LG G6 to mount a chip from the previous generation to get to the market first, but at the moment there is nothing official, so all the doors are open.

Thanks to GSMArena we have been able to see other interesting information related to a patent that suggests that the LG G7 could come with an advanced iris scanner. This system would allow the South Korean company to offer an alternative to the classic fingerprint reader.

LG G7 will debut with an advanced iris scanner

To improve security and LG will make it effective, the scanner would check the characteristics of the eye showing a clear screen and a dark one. This causes the iris to change size due to the amount of light it receives and prevents static images from being used to deceive the system.

It does not sound too bad and could serve as a transition system while LG develops a facial recognition system that is up to (or beyond) that Apple has used in the iPhone X.

Talking about other specs, the new LG G7 will be based on Snapdragon 845, and if the display is going to be special like iPhone X or Galaxy S9, then you can bet that it might be the most favorite smartphone of 2018.

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