LG has confirmed the design of LG V30: New flagship

The LG V30 will be presented on August 31 as one of the best smartphones of 2017. As such, it is logical that the mobile will have a great design. But now the design with which it counts is confirmed.

LG V30

LG V30, with a high level design

It is very likely that now that the design of the LG V30 is confirmed, many users claim that it is actually a mobile phone that looks like the Samsung Galaxy S8. And yes, it is a similar mobile, but in fact also is logical, because it is a mobile with a screen without bezels, in which the front is occupied in a large percentage by the screen.

In fact, the mobile does not have an Infinity Display screen because in fact LG cannot use a brand that is from Samsung, but the design of the mobile is the same as the Samsung Galaxy S8, and therefore also the same as the Of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

No power button

Confirmed the design of the LG V30, you can also confirm that the mobile does not have a power button. On one side it has the volume buttons, and on the other side has the tray to install the SIM card. So there are actually several options. The LG V30 could integrate the power button in the own fingerprint reader that is in the back section of the mobile.

Although the truth is that already in some LG smartphones, as was the case of the LG G2, the flagship that arrived four years ago, the technology was integrated to activate the screen by pressing twice on the screen itself, which was later imitated by many other manufacturers. Perhaps LG has re-integrated a similar technology into the new smartphone.

The LG V30 will be presented on August 31, and will be then when all the technical features of the new smartphone will be confirmed.

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