LG Q6- LG G6 Mini goes through Geekbench showing its features

Just a few hours ago the media began to receive invitations to an event, to be held on July 11 by LG. Now, by Geekbench has passed the LG Q6, which would be the LG G6 Mini, reinforcing the idea that it was that this will be the phone that the company presents next week. Now we know some characteristics.


LG is used to launch several versions of its smartphones beyond the flagship, so a LG G6 Mini is not surprising at all and is not the first time we have news of your presentation. In addition, among these versions, just a few days ago the LG G6 Plus was introduced in South Korea and incorporated some changes regarding the basic model as a storage of 128 GB or wireless charging.

Now, we can have some more details on how the new LG Q6 would be, which would be the LG G6 Mini, thanks to its passing by GeekBench. The mobile, according to what we could see when passing through the benchmark, would have a screen of 5.4 inches with the format 18: 5: 6 instead of the 18: 9 that has the basic model.

Inside, the phone would run with a Qualcomm eight-core processor at 1.4 GHz. Although, it is not known exactly what would be the model that would arrive inside the mobile but is expected to be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430. The processor would be accompanied by 3 GB of RAM, somewhat lower than the basic model, and would come running Android 7.1.1 as a system Operational output.


We do not know yet more details about the mobile and we do not know if it would arrive with a dual camera or with a conventional camera, for example. Nor do we know what the autonomy of the phone or its price will be. Yes, if the rumors are fulfilled we will only have to wait a few days, until next Tuesday, to see if what LG has is this LG Q6 and know all its features, its release date and what would be its price.

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