LG talked about the screen of the flagship LG V30

As we already know, the additional screen of LG V30 type as a predecessor still does not get. But about the parameters of the main display until recently, there was no data. However, in early August, LG President Juno Cho shared some information on this matter.

LG V30

First, instead of the usual IPS, the P-OLED matrix will be used. According to Juneau, now is the optimal time to move to a new technology. The fact is that P-OLED technology is more suitable for applications of virtual and additional reality.

Secondly, compared with the LG G6 screen presented in the spring LG V30 will become larger: its diagonal will be as much as 6 inches. This will save the resolution of QHD + 1440 × 2880 pixels (aspect ratio 9 to 18) and the trading name Full Vision.

Third, the frame around the display of the LG V30 will be made thinner, making the smartphone smaller and lighter. However, the speech about a completely frameless screen of the type like that of the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 still does not go.

Fourthly, LG clearly heard negative feedback from users about the protective glass of the old generation Corning Gorilla Glass 3 from the flagship “Six”. Therefore, the screen of the new V30 will be protected “with the latest technology” – we are waiting for Gorilla Glass 5.

In general, it is worth noting that the new LG V30 is rather not the “successor” of last year’s V20, but a redesigned and improved G6 with the top hardware “stuffing”.

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