LG V30: Design, specifications and launch leaked

Normally, LG usually launches two flagships every year. In the first half of the year they usually launch a high-end smartphone series G, in the other half aims to cover the largest audience possible with the V-series.

LG V30

We have good news for lovers of smartphones of the Korean brand, has filtered an image of the manual of the LG V30 that has confirmed its design.

Taking advantage of this leak we are going to take advantage to review everything we know so far of the second big bet of LG this year, from price going through the launch date, specifications and all rumors about the LG V30 .

Appearance and design

The filtered image of the user manual confirms the design of the LG V30. Thanks to a leak, we can see how it is almost equal to the G6. This implies that the second screen of the V-series models has disappeared to make way for a larger single screen.

LG V30

On the other hand, Ringke, a manufacturer of covers, has put on sale cases for the smartphone. This gives us even more information on the design, especially from the rear. For the distribution of the case we know that you will have a dual camera with flash and autofocus. The edges are slightly curved and we have the volume buttons to one side. Underneath the camera we have what appears to be a fingerprint scanner.

It looks like the device will be available in black and gold, but there is nothing to tell us it will not come out in more colors.

The V series gives way to the single screen

It is quite likely that we see a screen with an aspect ratio of 18: 9, it seems that LG is betting heavily on this type of screens. With this, you lose one of the aspects that made the V series unique, a second screen on the top of the smartphone.

The filtering of a render seems to confirm this rumor, since no type of secondary screen appears in the mobile. Referring back to source, it reported that the render was based on factory designs, which means that it would be a fairly reliable representation of what could be the final version of the LG V30.

According to their sources, the LG V30 will have a soft metal backside, and as is customary, helmet output and USB Type C port.

Display Features

It seems that LG is finally moving to the OLED screens. It was a logical step, as the company produces a lot of monitors and televisions with these panels. Without going any further, the G Flex models carry these screens.

The change is mainly because IPS panels are not fast enough for VR and Google Daydream applications.

Technical specifications

Thanks to GeekBench we have been able to take a look at what is hidden under the LG V30. Performance tests indicate that you will have a Snapdragon 835, like other flagships of 2017. It looks like it will also have 4GB of RAM, unlike the 6GB seen on the OnePlus 5 or the Xiaomi Mi 6.

As for the operating system, it seems to come with Android 7.1.2. A month after the release does not appear that these characteristics will change.

Finally we will see the section of the battery. LG had the habit of including a removable battery, something we do not know if it will continue to maintain. Almost all high-end phones have opted to set aside the removable battery to make way for an internal battery, such as the LG G6.

Release date

As we mentioned before, it seems that LG will launch the V30 in the IFA this year. The invitations to the fair had a big V in the background, so the release date is practically assured.

For those who do not know the IFA, it is the largest fair in Europe in the world of electronics, and the V30 will make its debut the day before the event.

On the other hand, it is also expected to leave in Korea before the world launch at a price of 699 dollars.

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