The LG V30 firmware will include a new version of the shell of the UX 6.0+

Representatives of LG said that the firmware LG V30 will include a new version of the proprietary shell UX 6.0+, which will get a lot of interesting and useful chips. But the main thing is the completely redesigned user interface of the add-on for Android 7 Nougat.

LG V30

The latter was developed specifically for the LG V30 with its extra-wide Full Vision screen (resolution QHD + 1440 × 2880 pixels, aspect ratio 9 to 18). Also LG UX 6.0+ will soon “arrive” with an update to the LG G6, which has a similar display.

First, the developers of the Korean company removed most of the obvious excesses, making UX look minimalistic and even resemble the “clean” version of Android 7 Nougat. However, if desired, the shell functional is easily extended.

Secondly, instead of an additional screen with customizable touch control buttons, which LG V30 will not have, now a special pop-up panel is used. It can be moved across the screen, resized, transparently, added or deleted.

Third, the active screen LG UX 6.0+ is now able to plug into the Samsung belt with its Active on Display. Without removing the LG V30 display from sleep, it can display not only the current time, but a slide show of photos, a music player and even unlock the smartphone via an iris scanner.

Also, the LG V30 firmware will add features such as unlocking using a passphrase and recognizing the face of the owner of the smartphone. So that the Korean flagship will be able to compose a worthy competition to the novelties of Apple and Samsung this fall.

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