LG V30

LG V30 Plus with 6 GB of RAM and other news of the Korean flagship

On the eve of the release of the new flagship, new details of the LG V30 are emerging in the network. In particular, the smartphone can go into the “extended” version of the LG V30 Plus, which has as much as 6 GB of RAM and a built-in “flash drive” for 128 GB.

LG V30 Plus

In all likelihood, this move is related to the recent announcement of Galaxy Note 8, which in the basic version has 6 GB of RAM and 64/128/256 GB Flash. The main market for LG is still South Korea, where Samsung’s products cannot simply be ignored.

The next news about the LG V30 is the new dedicated DAC, which will allow the smartphone to sound even better. According to the source, the same decision will be used for the Asian and European flagship modifications.

If you compare LG V30 / V30 Plus and its main competitor in the face of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, one of the key advantages of the first will be a more affordable price with almost the same features.

So, the minimum price of the 8th Note from Samsung is 929 dollars (in the US, without a contract with the operator). For comparison, the cost of the basic modification of the LG V30 is only $ 700, and the LG V30 Plus with 6 GB of RAM – $ 875.

In general, insiders already now give LG the brightest future. LG itself recently published a whole series of teasers on YouTube, where it advertises its LG V30 and hints at the superiority over Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8.

The main message: LG V30 will be a bright and powerful smartphone with advanced multimedia capabilities, for which you can safely part with your current “digital favorite”.

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