LG V30: Rumored Specs and Release Date

In the smartphone market, there are many screen manufacturers, so many that none of the 1.5 billion devices that are sold each year have supply problems. When we get exquisite, however, the thing changes. In the field of OLED, we have Samsung producing the vast majority of screens and we can almost stop counting.

LG V30

The need for competition in OLED panel manufacturing is pressing, and one of the companies that plans to compete this year is none other than LG. With a significant presence in the OLED sector of home TV sets, Samsung’s compatriots want to become a more mobile panel maker in 2017, and the first candidate to debut them has a name.

The LG V30 should arrive in September

There was already some indication that the manufacture of OLED panels by LG would soon start, although it has been delaying too much, but the latest information coming from the Korea Herald gives an even more concrete date. According to the reputed Korean medium, LG would be in a position to market its OLED panels sometime in the third quarter of this year.

The news goes further as it mentions that the candidate to release such panels is the future flagship of the Korean manufacturer. By dates, the chosen should be the future LG V30 which in its first generation was introduced in October and was ahead of September for the second, the LG V20. So, it seems that Samsung will soon have competition in the manufacture of OLED screens.

Most OLED screens produced at LG Display’s Gumi E5 plant in the second half will be used for its sister firm LG Electronics’ smartphones starting with the LG V30.

The remarkable thing about this information is that LG will start with the manufacture for domestic consumption although it is spoken of “the majority” and not of all. We assume that it will soon begin accepting orders from other manufacturers to become a supplier in the market, but this information has not transcended. The beginning of the manufacturing of OLED in LG will also mean something important: the beginning of the end of LG as a user of LCD screens.

If this future, LG V30 with OLED screen is produced, there will be little doubt about what technology will be used by LG for LG G7 screen that should arrive next spring. Meanwhile, we will remain attentive to the information that comes from LG itself and nearby sources about this important technology change, which can affect the entire market.

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