LG V30 Rumors: A smartphone with a second expandable screen

The Korean company could introduce major changes to the LG V30, a top-of-the-range terminal that should theoretically arrive between September and October this year.

LG V30

In previous models, LG opted to innovate through a dual screen solution focused on a main accompanied by a smaller secondary, where we could see notifications and place some basic adjustment icons.

It was an interesting idea since the screen was placed on the top and not only useful but also reduced the edges of the terminal, but it seems that the LG V30 want to make a 180 degree turn.

As we can see in the first images of LG V30 that have leaked the South Korean firm has thought to maintain the idea of ​​using two screens, one main and one secondary, but with a complete different execution.

LG V30

The secondary screen would be hidden and would only appear when sliding the main. This reminds us, for example, of the extensible keyboard idea we saw on the BlackBerry Priv, though it was applied to a screen.

In the last image we have a compilation with some of the functions that could be integrated in that secondary screen and the fact is that it seems quite interesting, although we must take into account that it is an early filtration and that it is not confirmed that LG goes to keep this design.

As far as specs do not expect surprises on the LG V30, you should expect a SoC Snapdragon 835, at least 4GB of RAM and 32GB or 64GB of base storage capacity.

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