LG X Power 2: Too costly for its features

The vast majority of mobile phone manufacturers show some set of greatness but they begin to produce their products fairly mediocre and little overpriced. The same happened with the smartphone LG X Power 2 which has a very simple processor cores to eight, two gigabytes of memory and display with a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels.

LG X Power 2

Such a product from more or less known company you would buy for USD 100, a maximum of 150, but the LG X Power 2 costs $ 260. For some reason, someone will give a hundred dollars more for the same functionality as that of the Chinese companies, with the same level of quality. At the time, HTC was on the same rake, and see where the company is now located. Hopefully, LG know what to do.

Smartphone LG X Power 2 for which fans were waiting, and some of it and never heard, are planning to release in June this year. The novelty should please first of its battery and the opportunity to work for a long time without recharging.

LG X Power 2 is not best in feature, because many other brands are manufacturing smart phones with the same features but in low price too, but this is the LG brand, which means customers will automatically be more, and reliability of the product too. So, somewhere we can say, brand name does matter too.

It is worth noting that the smartphone LG X Power 2 is shown in Barcelona at the exhibition MWC 2017, after which came the official price of $ 265 dollars, and now the product is ready to bring in the market. I would not say that this is a great release and the company due to this product will be able to reach a new level, but these smart phones in the market are very necessary, I would even say essential.

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