Meizu MX5 World’s fastest Smartphone: Release, Specs & Features

In the month of September Meizu launched its one of the best smartphone Meizu MX4 and now this phone has entered into the most powerful smartphone. Also, within couple of days Meziu is revealing the big brother of Meizu MX4 i.e. Meizue MX4 Pro. On other hand, on the web there are rumors going for smartphone of 2015 i.e. Meizu MX5.

Before going further lets learn about Meizu MX4 Pro, it consists of 5.5 inhes display featuring 2560 x 1536 pixels resolution, embedded finger print sensor, 3GB RAM, 20.7MP camera and would be running Exynos Octa-core version and probably the same chipset as of Galaxy Note 4.

Meizu MX5

According the present status of all high-end smartphone, Meizue MX4 is on the first position in the benchmark, followed by Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha. Beyond the top three positions the difference between different terminals is minimal. Meizu MX4 is just ahead to Note 4 with few points as you can see in the graph.

From view of this graph, anyone can judge that that the SoC MTK6595 riding the Meizu MX4 is really powerful, enough to beat the eight-core Exynos 5433 Galaxy Note 4 and the Snapdragon 801 of Galaxy Alpha.

Yes, the Meizu MX4 leads the top 10 AnTuTu. Meizu MX4 has a CPU structured in two modules of four cores each, the first based on the architecture Cortex-A17 2.2 GHz and the second in Cortex-A7 to 1.7 GHz. Its GPU is PowerVR G6200 MP4. And this combination is really powerful and exact is shown by benchmark report.

 Meizu MX4 Pro

Now question comes, brands like Meizu are hidden in the market because of their availability and would there be any scope if Meizu smartphone would be available worldwide in 2015. Also, the just rumored Meizu MX5 specifications are pretty interesting and as per the rumors this device could be the first smartphone to have 3K-resolution display and true octa-core processor clocked at 2.7 GHz, along with 4GB of RAM.

Meizu MX 4 Pro

Without any doubt, Meizu MX5 would be the world’s fastest smartphone as of Meizu MX5 but the availability of this phone could be problem for you. But don’t worry; we are here to update everything regarding this phone. So, just stay tuned to know more about Meizu MX5 release date and specifications.

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