Meizu Pro 7 will be the first phone to be able to use VoLTE calls with its two SIM

Although Dual SIM phones are quite popular, the fact is that they are not the most demanded terminals internationally. There are countries in which its use is quite common, usually the Asians, but in general it is not a characteristic that today can be considered, nor by any way, standard.

Meizu Pro 7

If we make an intersection between users looking for Dual SIM mobiles with VoLTE calls over data connections, the potential number of users is even lower. But MediaTek has thought of these users and already has a commercial solution to be able to use VoLTE calls on phones with two or more cards.

It is not that MediaTek has offered an improvement over an existing solution but that VoLTE calls on Dual SIM telephones were not possible to date. Or more accurately, the main card could use these VoLTE calls while the second card only enabled the user to use 3G or 2G connectivity.

MediaTek, the chip maker, has found the solution and has implemented it in one of the modems that will accompany their future chips, specifically the modem that will irreparably bind the Helio X30. Thus, all mobile phones that arrive with this processor will be able to make calls on 4G data networks with both SIM cards.

Meizu Pro 7

The manufacturer also ensures that its new system guarantees a high quality of calls and, above all, a stable flow of data so that no cuts are made, or these are the minimum possible. At first it seems that the Meizu Pro 7 that will be presented at the end of July will arrive with the aforementioned Helio X30, so it will become the first phone capable of making this type of calls with both SIM cards.

For now, the solution that MediaTek will incorporate into its Helio X30 will only work with carrier China Mobile in its home country, and will be limited only to CDMA networks. The solution is expected to evolve to be able to be used also in GSM networks and, above all, far from its homeland, although already it is said that it can land soon in India. There are many MediaTek chips coming to the international market and a feature like this will not breach the few users to continue growing in their battle against Qualcomm.

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