Meizu Pro 8: In general: to be or not to be?

The future of the smartphone Meizu Pro 8 seems rather vague after the release in July 2017 of the “professional seven”. Fans expected to see if not a real flagship, then a fairly advanced smartphone based on the top-end chipset MediaTek Helio X30.

Meizu Pro 8

Alas, the management of the company Meizu thinks more than a mysterious way. If the Pro 5 was the most powerful smartphone in 2015, and the Pro 6 is more like a “strong average”, then the Pro 7 is anything strange at all. Almost that budget MT6757T (Helio P25) and 4 GB of RAM.

I wonder what kind of “stone” the manufacturer will choose for Meizu Pro 8. MediaTek MTK6580? If without irony, then the situation is quite strange. Once the flagship line is clearly degrading every year, while Meizu does not launch new top-end series.

By the way, the future of not only Meizu Pro 8 itself, but also top-end chipsets of MediaTek Company is vague. In addition to the company Meizu, no one has said that it will produce smartphones based on the Helio X30. Only the most budgetary solutions are in demand.

At the moment, even vendors from the Middle Kingdom are choosing increasingly inexpensive chipsets from Qualcomm, for example Snapdragon 660. The latter has both Kryo custom kernels, and Bluetooth 5 support, and many other chips that are inherent in more expensive products.

The second question about the characteristics of Meizu Pro 8: will the Chinese company save the additional AMOLED screen or consider it an almost useless toy? By the way, the Koreans refused this year to equip the LG V30 with a second display, which was the key chip of the line earlier.

Taking into account the fact that Meizu Pro 7 has just started to enter the market, it is too early to speak about the success or failure of the idea of ​​equipping a smartphone with a secondary screen. The authors of the reviews published in the network media reacted to it quite ambiguously.

Analysts also have this scenario: ostensibly in 2018, Meizu will switch to the use of Qualcomm processors, and Pro 8 can become a real flagship based on the yet unannounced Snapdragon 845. Moreover, legal obstacles to this have recently been removed.

Release of Meizu Pro 8

It is expected that the presentation of Meizu Pro 8 will not be postponed for the summer of 2018. And the smartphone can be presented already at the international exhibition MWC 2018 in Barcelona in late February, and the market will be released in March.

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