Meizu X2: The second smartphone with two screens from the Chinese company

The network has the first photo of Meizu X2 – an unusual smartphone with an additional round screen in the middle on the back cover. It is assumed that the novelty refers to the average price range and will appear in the market in the early autumn of 2017.

Meizu X2

Despite the fact that the recently presented Meizu Pro 7 was quite ambiguously accepted by the public, and to obtain any statistics it is required that the time pass, the manufacturer is now ready to continue the bold experiments with the two displays.

It is interesting that the screen of the Meizu X2, judging by the first photos, is colored AMOLED, as in the “older” model, but it is smaller than and, as already mentioned above, round in shape – approximately as it happens in “smart hours”.

The functionality of the second display Meizu X2, apparently, will be simpler: show the time, status and level of charging, the output of system notifications. Although, it is possible, there will be a function of shooting “selfie” on the main camera. Truth with a round viewfinder.

Meizu X2

Otherwise, X2 will also be simpler than the more advanced Meizu Pro 7: a single main camera, cheaper materials of the case. As for the sizes and parameters of the main screen, there are no data yet.

It is assumed that the Meizu X2, like the Pro 7 Standard Edition, will be based on the MediaTek Helio P25 chipset, and will also receive the same 4 GB of LPDDR4x RAM with a clock speed of 1600 MHz.

The exact release date and price of the Meizu X2 will be announced closer to the fall.

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