Microsoft Modern Keyboard, new keyboard with integrated fingerprint reader

The Redmond giant has officially announced the Microsoft Modern Keyboard, a wireless keyboard with which the company has adopted a totally minimalist design with low-key and short-stroke keys to speed up the beats.

Microsoft Modern Keyboard

We are facing the successor of the Surface Keyboard, although it only presents two important differences in front of said keyboard. The first is the presence of a fingerprint reader on the Windows key, and the second is that we can use it wired without any problem.

Microsoft Modern Keyboard is finished in aluminum and has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing it to be used with a wide variety of equipment and devices. Microsoft has confirmed that under normal conditions has a range of up to 15 meters, but in offices and places with obstacles that make the signal difficult to reach a maximum of about 7 meters.

Finally, it touches talk of the battery, key piece of the keyboard although as we said also we can use it with cable without any problem. As stated, Microsoft has a range of up to two months.

It is an interesting solution designed especially for professionals that will allow us to give a unique touch to our working environment thanks to its careful design and its high quality of construction.

Microsoft has confirmed that Microsoft Modern keyboard will be priced at $ 129.99, a fairly high figure that exceeds not only the cost of the Surface Keyboard ($ 99.99), but also is above a good number of keyboards Mechanics that are marketed today.

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