Monoblock Apple iMac 2017 got a removable drive, RAM, and processor

As previously reported, in the new computers Apple iMac Pro 2017 does not provide an independent replacement or upgrade memory. But potential owners of ordinary iMac lineup in 2017 in this area was more fortunate.

Apple iMac 2017

Expert’s iFixit disassembled the new monoblock Apple iMac 2017 with 21.5-inch Retina 4K display and found that some of the components are modular yet. In particular, the replacement shall be subject to storage, CPU and RAM. Thus, the future owners of these computers will be able to upgrade them and increase overall productivity.

However, such modernization cannot be called easy. To get to these components, the display will go through a time consuming removal process. The new 21.5-inch Apple iMac  2017 uses a standard 2.5-inch hard drive capacity 1 TB SATA drives. If necessary, it can be replaced by a more capacious model. But add an extra SSD no longer work due to lack of the necessary connectors on the motherboard.

Apple iMac 2017

However, to access other replaceable components will perform the further dismantling of the system and remove the motherboard. Only then will have an opportunity to replace the RAM. And to access the processor is required to dismantle more and cooling system. It should be noted that for the first time since 2013, Apple has made it possible to replace the RAM modules in the 21.5-inch Apple iMac 2017. Earlier RAM were soldered directly on the motherboard. A removable CPU last used in the iMac in 2012.

iFixit experts suggest that this long forgotten generosity is a necessary step on the part of Apple. Most likely, the company had to use the components that are available from suppliers, but Intel does not offer a desktop processor family Kaby Lake in BGA package. Admittedly, this does not account for the possibility of upgrading the RAM.

Apple iMac 2017

Traditionally, iFixit experts assigned rating maintainability new Monoblock Apple iMac 2017 computer with a 21.5-inch Retina 4K screen. For this model, it is from 3 10. Note maximum score of 10 corresponds to the most easily repairable devices. Thus, this model if necessary to repair everything you can, but it will not be easy to do.

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