More battery in the Samsung Galaxy S9, thanks to a new motherboard

The Samsung Galaxy S9 could be a smartphone that will have a revolutionary new design. The smartphone would be similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8, but would have a new design for the motherboard. Result? More battery in the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9

New design for the motherboard on the Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 would have a design very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8. In fact, it has even been claimed that the mobile would not have the integrated fingerprint reader on the screen. However, the mobile could have a new technology for the design of the motherboard, using SLP (Substrate like SPB) technology for the manufacture of the motherboard. Thanks to this technology it would be possible to integrate more components into the motherboard. This way, the Samsung Galaxy S9 can be smaller. Or what is more relevant, that the mobile has more battery.

One of the problems of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was the integration of a large capacity battery, in a mobile with a great design. However, precisely this caused the explosions of the battery, and therefore the smartphone, and led to having to withdraw the smartphone from the market twice until the final withdrawal.

To launch a mobile with more battery it is clear that Samsung has first to confirm that there will be no explosions that lead to having to remove the mobile market as in the case of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. However, precisely the new technology with which designing the motherboard of the new mobile would be the perfect solution, because it reduces the space occupied by the motherboard.

However, the truth is that it seems that this motherboard would only be present in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S9 with the processor Exynos. Will the Samsung Galaxy S9 be different with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 840 processor? This version may not launch. It seems that the LG G7 will feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 840 processor, and that it would launch in January.

If so, Samsung would not have the processor exclusive in 2018, and most likely it is precisely because Samsung is not going to launch any version of the mobile with that processor. In addition, with more space on the motherboard, they can install a modem compatible with the United States mobile networks, because after all, that was the advantage of the processor of Qualcomm, which was already part of that chip.

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