New AGON AG251FG AOC monitor with NVIDIA G-Sync

AOC has officially unveiled the new AGON AG251FG AOC monitor, a model that is aimed at high-budget gamers using NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards as it has G-Sync technology.

GON AG251FG AOC monitor

Taking a look at its most important specifications we find a TN panel of 24.5 inches and a maximum resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. So far no surprises and might think that this is a monitor of the bunch, but as we said has technology NVIDIA G-Sync has a refresh rate of up to 240 Hz and a response time of just 1 ms.

AGON AG251FG AOC monitor also has a brightness of 400cd per square meter, has  NVIDIA ULMB (“ultra-low motion blur”), brings two integrated speakers of 2W each and comes with technologies AOC Flicker Free (reduces flicker), AOC Shadow Control (adjusts image shading at the corners) and AOC Low Blue Light (reduces blue light emission).

It is adjustable both in height and inclination, a detail that we must take into account as it will help us adjust perfectly to the particularities of our desktop.

GON AG251FG AOC monitor

AOC has confirmed that the AGON AG251FG AOC monitor will be available from the month of August with a price of 670 $, a reasonable price considering the benefits offered and the “extra cost” of mounting a G-Sync system.

We remind you that to take advantage of a monitor of this type is essential to have a high-end equipment. In this particular case, we recommend nothing less than NVIDIA GTX 1080, since it is ideal to keep more than 100 FPS means in a totally stable.

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