New details about the camera Apple iPhone 8

The public is looking forward to the Apple iPhone 8, so even the slightest leakage of information about the gadget is taken with interest. Recently, the network found the first firmware for HomePod, so enthusiasts immediately found out curious data about the new generation of iPhone. On this, the developers decided not to stop and studied in detail other sections of the code, where they found unexpected details about the camera and the screen diagonal of the smartphone.

Apple iPhone 8

It turned out that the Apple iPhone 8 camera includes the SmartCam mode, which automatically adjusts the shooting parameters. The option has separate modes for photographing children, bright scenes, documents, fireworks, leaves and other things. Probably, the software tracks the appearance of objects in the frame and chooses the optimal mode.

Apple iPhone 8

Apple already uses the object recognition system in the Photos application, and the new generation of the iPhone can be equipped with a processor for machine learning specifically for such tasks.

Another piece of code in the HomePod system hints that the Touch ID will give way to the Pearl ID scanner while using Apple Pay. This information was confirmed by the resources.

Apple iPhone 8

Interestingly, enthusiasts have found confirmation of the rumors about wireless charging in the iPhone in 2017, and the screen diagonal of the novelty can be more than the promised 5.8 inches, – in the HomePod code there is a mention of the 6.5-inch Retina display.

Assembling the firmware HomePod claims to be the largest and most reliable leak about the iPhone 8, so you can relate to the information found with some confidence. Meanwhile, the final details about the smartphone Apple iPhone 8 will be revealed only at the autumn presentation of Apple.

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