New details of the innovative home button of the Apple iPhone 8

Everyone is looking forward to the new Apple iPhone 8. That’s why it’s not uncommon for every day to reveal some new details about Apple’s new smartphone. A couple of days ago, a model of a housing for this mobile confirmed the absence of the classic central button to make way for a virtual. But not only that, but also include two cameras and 3D sensors, responsible for the expected facial recognition.

Apple iPhone 8

The latest leak has revealed that the virtual button could be modified at will. This is another of the many details and features of the Apple iPhone 8 revealed by the HomePod firmware.

Among the possibilities offered by the Home button of Apple iPhone 8 we will have the option to resize it to fit our needs, even hide it if we need it. Obviously if we do not touch the configuration of the iPhone, the button will be placed in the same place as its predecessors. On the other hand, it has also been revealed that applications will not be able to access that area of ​​the screen, since it is reserved for iOS.

If we talk more concretely, Apple does not offer any API to change the colors of that zone. So we deduce that the virtual button will have some type of contrast or visual effect to make it stand out in any background. In addition, the information that in other models is shown at the top would change its position, to be located in the zone of the virtual button.

Another advantage of this virtual button of the iPhone 8 is that it leaves room for more screen. This means that when playing videos we will be able to take better advantage of the resolution that will have this iPhone 8, just like any other type of application like games or video calls.

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