New Microsoft Edge browser with Fluent Design

The Redmond giant has seen the new Microsoft Edge browser with Fluent Design, a design language that as we know is what we came to know as Project NEON.

The objective of this design of Microsoft Edge browser is to improve and unify the appearance of dedicated applications throughout the Windows 10 ecosystem, something necessary to eliminate the differences that affected even very popular solutions and that did not like much of the users.

Microsoft Edge Browser

This new version of Edge browser with Fluent Design maintains the five basic pillars on which this new design language is based:

In the images that we accompany we can see the new aspect that Edge will have with Fluent Design. At first glance the first thing that strikes you is that the interface is generally less flat compared to the current version.

Everything looks better and we have transparency effects with deep blur in the area of ​​the eyelashes, although it is important to remember that the most relevant novelties of this new design of Microsoft Edge browser will be focused primarily on movement and animations.

It is clear that Microsoft has taken a step in the right direction with the implementation of Fluent Design, although we must have patience as its application will be carried out gradually.

However, not everything is positive, although Microsoft will continue to improve Edge browser at a general level (new features, interface and higher performance) will not bet on an accelerated model of updates, a strategy that its main rivals (Chrome for example).

This means that the updates will continue to arrive at Edge very slowly, specifically every six months, as they will be part of the upcoming first level updates for Windows 10.

However, you should keep in mind that we are talking about updates that imply new functions, design changes and performance improvements, since those dedicated to improving security will maintain their monthly cycle.

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