New Nintendo 2DS XL in 10 headlines: New Gaming console

New Nintendo 2DS XL is the new portable video game console from the Japanese company. It will be available in Europe and America on July 28 for $ 149.

The announcement of the new Nintendo 2DS XL console in full distribution stage of the Switch, has surprised the market. The possibilities in mobility of her by its hybrid concept and the fall of sale of portable consoles by the increase of intelligent mobiles, did not make suspect the launching of this New Nintendo 2DS XL.

Nintendo 2DS XL

On the other hand, Nintendo already has several models of portable consoles in its catalog with 2DS and 3DS, and in addition, this is not only leader in its segment but absolute leader of the current generation of consoles over Sony PS4.

The company explains its arrival as an “intermediate option (between 2DS and 3DS) to offer more options to the market,” but if it is not clear to you, we offer you 10 aspects as a holder that will help you know and value your purchase to 2DS.

  1. New Nintendo 2DS XL is an upgraded version of the 2DS … or a non-3D version of the 3DS.
  2. Its two screens are much larger (4.9 and 4.2 “), 82% than the standard 2DS.
  3. …but, the resolution stays the same (400 x 240 and 320 x 240 pixels). You will not have better image quality.
  4. The improvements are also internal. It assembles the processor of the 3DS and its benefits.
  5. It weighs 260 grams and has more autonomy than 3DS XL. Just the opposite compared to 2DS.
  6. Offers amiibo support with NFC. Wi-Fi, stereo speakers and camera system with double rear sensor.
  7. It has additional buttons on 2DS, ZL, ZR and lever C.
  8. It is compatible with all games of the mobile platform of Nintendo.
  9. In addition, will hit the market with three new games, Pikmin, Brain Training Infernal and Miitopia.
  10. Intermediate model, also in price. It costs $ 149; Cheaper than 3DS, more expensive than 2DS.

Summarizing and lacking the corresponding evidence: New Nintendo 2DS XL is the most balanced portable console of the Japanese firm and the choice of purchase if you are not interested in the 3D effects of the 3DS XL. If the budget is the main argument, the 2DS + game for 89 euros will remain the model to choose.

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