News: All iPhone 9 will have OLED panels

The new Apple phone, the iPhone 8, has not yet been released, and there are already relative rumors about the Apple iPhone 9 that would be launched, in principle, the following year.

Apple iPhone 9

While in the phones that will present the Cupertino phones this year we will only have one model with OLED panel, the rest will carry the current screen, more because of production issues than Apple’s original intentions in this regard.

From the prestigious Nikkei media report that Apple will re-launch three phones in 2018 and that all three models will feature OLED panels. Although they have not given names, they expect that the policy of launches will be maintained and next year will have advanced models of the next iPhone 8, but also with the exit of the ninth iteration.

Samsung is responsible for manufacturing the OLED panels of the iPhone 8, but will not be with all the models of the iPhone 2018. However, since Apple are already aware that Samsung Display will not be able to meet Apple’s manufacturing requests for The models of the next course , and the ones of Cupertino already would have invested in a factory of LG to be in charge of the rest of the production.

The press also points out that the demand for the iPhone 8 is expected to be much higher than the offer, which means that they will not normalize sales until November or December. With this it seems that it will be very complicated to get an iPhone 8 launch, although they expect that from 2018 there will already be problems of production of OLED panels.

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