No Android would have the internal memory capacity of the Apple iPhone 8

The Apple iPhone 8 could be introduced in September as a new high-end smartphone, which would compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that was officially presented yesterday. However, the new mobile could be presented with 512 GB of internal memory. So far, no Android has been introduced that has 512 GB of internal memory.

Apple iPhone 8

IPhone 8, with more internal memory than Android phones?

One of the flaws of the iPhone has always been that the most basic version of the smartphone had very little memory. The iPhone 6s, for example, still sold at a really high price, in its most economical version has 16 GB of internal memory, just like the basic range mobile with Android. The iPhone 7 already has 32GB of internal memory.

But it seems that the Apple iPhone 8 could have 64GB of internal memory in its most basic version. Thus, it would be the same as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. However, it seems that one of the versions of the smartphone could have 512 GB of internal memory. So far, no Android-powered mobile has come up with 512 GB of internal memory. However, it could be the case of the iPhone 8.

Of course, in fact, the price of the iPhone 8 of this version would be really expensive. In fact, if already the iPhone 8 would already have a price of about 1,186 dollars, the iPhone 8 in its version with 512 GB will probably have a price of about 1,500 dollars.

But it is possible to install an SD card in an Android mobile

However, on an Android phone it is possible to install a microSD card. While that is not possible in the case of an iPhone. In fact, in many high-end Android phones it is possible to install a microSD card up to 2TB. While it is true that these memory cards are really expensive right now, it may not be so in the future. And in any case, it is cheaper to buy a 512 GB microSD card, than to buy the 512 GB version of the Apple iPhone 8.

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