Nokia 3310 Putin-Trump Summit Edition: Most horrendous mobile of the year

Little by little we get used to certain customizations of terminals that we could order from more to less extravagant. Although of course there will always be leaders who use their own designs, such as Vertu boys and their terminals with shiny, gold and even authentic snake skin among its characteristics.

Nokia 3310 Putin-Trump Summit Edition

Now in full public debate in the United States about Russia’s participation in US elections, presumably favoring the current elected president, the husband of Melania, a Russian company has bet on making an interesting joke. The definitive personalization of a Nokia 3310 Putin-Trump Summit Edition that does not lack any detail, including the face of both presidents simulating a stamp or the face of a coin.

The makers of this modified edition of the Nokia 3310 Putin-Trump Summit Edition are Caviar, a Russian company that has not been slow to boast about its new design in social networks. Specifically through Instagram, which is where they have “hung” the new device with the link to the web page where we can get with it.

As we mentioned earlier, this new Nokia 3310 is not wasteful. The edition called The Caviar Nokia 3310 Putin-Trump Summit Edition has details in gold, like the bottom of the buttons, and also an engraving in the back in which you see both presidents sharing “currency”. To Donald Trump in the background and Vladimir Putin in the front, for some reason the phone edition has been designed in Russia.

Nokia 3310 Putin-Trump Summit Edition

The Nokia 3310 Putin-Trump Summit Edition has a titanium-built case decorated with Damascus steel patterns, plus the edge of the screen also takes advantage of the golden area of ​​the keypad. Of course, this is not a cheap phone, even though it is designed based on the new Nokia 3310, not the old one.

The phone will cost us or 2466 dollars. So if we have this money we can make a commemorative edition of the ties that seem to unite both Putin and Trump, an issue that is, from this very moment, a candidate to be one of the most horrendous motives in what we carry year.

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