Nokia 7 and Nokia 8 could be launched this year 2017

The Nokia 7 and Nokia 8 could be launched this year 2017. While it seems that almost confirmed that the Nokia 9 would officially be launched as the company’s new high-end smartphone, now it seems that they will also launch the new Nokia 7 and Nokia 8. And it is even possible that the new Nokia 2 is launched.

Nokia 7

The Nokia 9 will be the new flagship that Nokia will launch this year 2017. However, it is possible that three additional smartphones will be launched before the end of 2017. And it seems that they could launch the new Nokia 7, Nokia 8 and Nokia 2. There is still no definitive date for the launch of the Nokia 9, but could occur this July, in August, or even in September. However, before the end of 2017, could introduce three new Nokia mobile phones.

The Nokia 7 and Nokia 8 would be mid-range smartphones. While it is true that until now has not been discussed the technical characteristics that would count these phones, would be smartphones of high quality, but would not become flagships. They are the lowest-selling smartphones in the market, and maybe that’s why smartphones are never the most relevant in manufacturers’ smartphone catalogs. However, they remain good options for users looking for a quality mobile and do not want to spend a lot of money on a flagship.

These two new phones could be launched in 2017. However, before launching these smartphones, the Nokia 9 will be launched, which will be the flagship that could also be one of the best mobile phones in the market this year 2017.

In addition to the Nokia 7 and Nokia 8, it seems that could also launch a new Nokia 2, which would be a smartphone of basic range, and that would have a really economic price. Mobile phones like the Moto C or the Moto E4, have prices of about 115 dollars, but the Nokia 2 could arrive with a similar price, being a great option for users who want a smart phone with a very economic price. This new entry-level mobile would also be launched this year 2017.

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