Nokia still has more aces up its sleeve: The Nokia 9

Nokia may not have played all your cards yet. And is that after being introduced to society just two days ago to its proud flagship, the Nokia 8, now come almost official confirmations of those siren songs that focused on a possible terminal of superior features and that some dare to call as Nokia 9.

Nokia 9

And as we say, we had already talked about this terminal, but now have been representatives of HMD Global who could have confirmed the existence of this mysterious Nokia 9 that could also be a terminal with a screen larger than 5.3 inches of the Nokia 8 present.

Nokia 9, goodbye frames?

Actually in the summer we are already a lot of filtered data about the possible Nokia 9, some of them even let us fall that the new phone could come with a screen size larger than the Nokia 8, specifically wearing a panel Of 5.7 inches.

Now the representatives of the company that manages the brand Nokia, HMD Global, have confirmed that they still have terminals pending confirmation in the bedroom, which fits with two phones that according to our accounts we have pending: the Nokia 2 for the entry range and this Nokia 9 for the high end.

According to the sketches leaked, we make a robot portrait of a phone in which it seems that this time yes, Nokia adds to the car of the screens (almost) without frames, giving it a look very similar to other flagships like the one of the LG V30.

For now is all we know about this possible top of the range and is likely to be officially presented, Nokia do the honors in autumn, coinciding with the presentation of phones such as iPhone 8 or Google Pixel 2.

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