NVIDIA DRIVE PX platform will serve as a basis for future self-governing Car Toyota

Success of Google and Uber companies in the field of self-car is certainly impressive, but in a production car technology autonomous driving – a rarity. In fact, the vast majority of users probably have not heard of other applications, in addition to the Tesla Autopilot. But soon the situation could change.

Made a presentation at the event, GTC 2017 the head of NVIDIA Dzhensen Huang announced a collaboration with the Japanese giant Toyota.


The subject of cooperation – the introduction of automotive computing platform with support for NVIDIA DRIVE PX artificial intelligence technologies in autonomous driving system of Toyota, which is planned to bring to market in the coming years.

Neither the car model is specific, no deadlines NVIDIA did not name, saying only that the team of engineers from both companies are working on creating the software on high-performance NVIDIA AI-based platform (NVIDIA DRIVE PX) that will enable a better understanding of the huge amount of data generated from automotive sensors and autonomously deal with a wide range of situations on the road.

The company also noted that to meet the challenges of this level of computational complexity in prototype vehicles often use powerful computers that take up the entire trunk. However, a new generation of NVIDIA DRIVE PX time on a processor Xavier fits easily in the hand and the handle to the 30 trillion-depth training operations per second.

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