NVIDIA GeForce MX150: Specs, Release Date and Price

We talked about the NVIDIA GeForce MX150 a few days ago but it has finally been officially announced by NVIDIA, which has allowed us to confirm its key specifications and determine the level of performance it offers compared to previous generations.

NVIDIA GeForce MX150

NVIDIA GeForce MX150 is based on the graphics core GP108 (Pascal), the same as used in the GT 1030. This means that it is manufactured in 16 nm process and has a total of 384 shaders, 24 textured units and 8 Rasterized units.

The memory bus has been maintained so that we have a 64-bit width accompanied by 2 GB of GDDR5 at 6 GHz. This particular combination makes it possible to achieve a bandwidth of 48 GB / s. It’s a pretty low number, but having used DDR3 the result would have been much worse.

NVIDIA has emphasized that this graphical solution offers a performance per watt three times higher than the GT 940MX, a graphic solution that uses the core GM107-B (Maxell) and that is manufactured in process of 28 nm.

Although the GT 940MX also adds 384 shaders and a 64-bit bus with 2 GB of GDDR5 its performance is lower than that of the NVIDIA GeForce MX150, due to the improvements introduced by the second with the architecture change and its higher frequency of work.

It is not a solution designed to move current games in high resolutions, but offers a performance much superior to those of the integrated graphics, so it can be a good option for professionals who require that extra power and who also wish to have equipment that allow them to take “a game” without too many pretensions.

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