NVIDIA GTX Titan V- Short Review

NVIDIA GTX Titan V: Short Review

NVIDIA introduced the GTX TITAN V, a graphics card that has become the most powerful in the general consumer market thanks to the use of the GV100 core.

This graphic core uses the Volta architecture instead of Pascal, which means that there is a significant change compared to the GTX 10 series that goes beyond the increase of shaders and the use of HBM2 memory instead of GDDR5X.

In this article, we had the opportunity to see the first round of tests and confirm that the GTX TITAN V is a real monster, although for the price ( almost $ 3,000 ) and specifications (keeps the nuclei Tensor for AI and deep learning) is a solution thought for professionals.

Yes, we know that the TITAN series has always been inclined to professionals, but the GTX TITAN V is undoubtedly the one that is most focused on this sector of all those that NVIDIA has launched so far in that series.

Today we have seen an exploded view of this graphic video card thanks to the guys from GameNexus and thanks to that we have clear some details that had remained in the pipeline after its presentation.

The GPU, which integrates the HBM2 memory in the same package, is identified as GV100-400, a variant that is normally reserved for top-of-the-range models. For you to better understand this reference I give you an example of the current generation; the GTX 1080 TI uses the graphics core GP102-350 while the GTX TITAN Xp employs the GP102-450.

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The VRM of the card is of 16 phase, the most powerful one that has mounted NVIDIA until now and the clear symptom of the level of the GTX TITAN V.

The power is in charge of two additional connectors of feeding, one of 8 pins and another one of 6 pins, and we have the classic turbine fan that is responsible for extracting heat from the inside of the card.

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