NVIDIA Max-Q: a GTX 1080 on a MacBook Air

NVIDIA Max-Q is a new design approach that aims to completely redefine the concept of gaming laptops, making them slimmer, faster and quieter.

Imagine an Ultrabook with a dedicated GTX 1080 graphics? That’s exactly what the green giant wants to get with NVIDIA Max-Q: gaming laptops three times more powerful and three times slimmer than previous generations.


The company says NVIDIA Max-Q is a term well known to NASA, referred to the maximum pressure where aerodynamic stress is maximized. The gaming laptops do not fly, but NVIDIA claims to be applying this design concept to laptops.

It has not gone into too much detail but NVIDIA Max-Q will act in the internal and external design, in the cooling system and also in the software section to adjust power and consumption, acting on the controllers and in all technologies that the signature adds to these designs, including the new WhisperMode that promises quieter laptops.

In practice: an ultra-light 18 mm thick will be able to mount a GTX 1080, abandoning the designs “bumpers” that characterize the great gaming notebooks.

Availability NVIDIA Max-Q

NVIDIA Max-Q designs will be available starting June 27 and can use dedicated graphics with Pascal, GeForce GTX 1080, GTX 1070 and GTX 1060 architecture.

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