NVMe 1.3: Specification

Organization of NVM Express (NVMe), set up to develop and promote the eponymous standard access to the SSD via PCI Express (PCIe), released the next version of the specification NVMe 1.3 standard. The update adds a few new features that provide users with more control and monitoring, and themselves SSD-drives will make faster, more reliable and more durable.

NVMe 1.3

Let’s start with the fact that NVMe 1.3 brings a self-diagnosis function, such SMART. At the command of the host device according to the specification NVMe 1.3, be able to assess their own state without having to mount the volume and the use of third-party system utilities. Settings and set the self-test detects the device manufacturer. In addition to checking the data integrity may be provided for checking hardware.

The new version of the protocol also adds much needed support to the boot partition, eliminating the need for storage section with the bootloader on-chip flash memory firmware UEFI on the motherboard, as it is now.

Another innovation NVMe 1.3 – command the speaker called the secure hardware to sanitize data erasure. It not only erases data in the user area of ​​flash memory, but also in the spare area, the reprogramming controller buffer cache DRAM and elsewhere, thus providing a more reliable data cleaning.

Finally, the new version adds protocol virtualization support Single Root I / O Virtualization (SRIO-V).

Solid state drives, motherboards and add-in cards supporting protocol NVMe 1.3 hit the market later this year or early next year.

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