OnePlus 5 cheats on performance tests

The guys at XDA-Developers have discovered that the OnePlus 5 cheats on some of the most popular performance tests of the moment, among which have been confirmed the following:  AnTutu, Androbench, Geekbench4, GFXBench, Quadrant, Nenamark 2, Vellamo.

Why do we say that the OnePlus 5 cheats on those tests?

It is very simple because it recognizes that a performance test is running and automatically modifies the normal operation of the terminal.

OnePlus 5

As many of you know the OnePlus 5 uses a SoC Snapdragon 835 whose CPU is divided into two blocks of cores with dynamic frequency. The first block adds four high-performance cores that can run at a maximum of 2.45 GHz and the second block has four cores that prioritize efficiency and can reach up to 1.9 GHz.

Normally, those four low-energy cores only reach their maximum frequency in particular peaks that are never permanently maintained.

However, when the system detects that a performance test is active, it maximizes CPU frequencies and blocks any type of thermal throttling.

This allows the CPU to work full stop during the test and these four low-power cores are maintained at 1.9 GHz, which is not the case when this “trap” is deactivated.

Thanks to this, the OnePlus 5 shows superior multi-core performance, but compromises system temperatures to such an extent that in the performance tests that analyze the GPU the back of the terminal reaches 50 degrees.

It is not the first time that the Chinese company does this with its terminals, in fact with the OnePlus 3 jointly increased the frequencies of blocks of high performance and high efficiency of the CPU, so deep down we are not surprised.

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