OnePlus 5: Leaked images shows it exhibit design as the iPhone 7 Plus

The upcoming flagship smartphone OnePlus 5, about which we have heard a lot already, previously shown on the many different photos and images. But it seems that all that we have seen previously had no relationship to reality, or perhaps belonged to an early prototype of the smartphone.

OnePlus 5

At least, this is indicated by the new data: once two independent sources have published mutually consistent image quality news about OnePlus 5. And one of these images is very similar to the official.

As you can see, appearance of upcoming smartphone OnePlus 5 is very much like Apple iPhone 7 Plus, especially at the rear. Location modules main dual cameras, body shape, and even strips of antennas – all these OnePlus 5 almost copied the design of the American product.

Logo of OnePlus is almost the only element on the rear panel that allows you to learn on your smartphone device a Chinese manufacturer OnePlus. In the past, Apple sued for much less copying the design of its products, so it is still unclear how the company will do if OnePlus 5 will be exactly the same as shown in the pictures.

Recent data pointing to the announcement of the OnePlus 5 is June 20 fully confirmed: OnePlus has published the corresponding advertising image.

Presentation of OnePlus 5 will be held in the format of the webcast. Additionally, OnePlus plans to hold local events in key markets – China, June 21, June 22 – in India.

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